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Enforces your sluggishness

Critical Design, Experience Design, Speculative Design

CONFORMIST is an interactive design object: a chair that has a human shaped cutout with the capacity to enforce its users’ sluggishness. The chair pleasantly invites us to join her; she takes our phone away, and then she has power over us by being authoritative, controlling and regulating because we want our phone back. This experience aims to be a speculative scenario in which we are an immobile, lethargic and apathetic dependent on easy, comfortable and smart personal digital technology. This irony, funny, and strange relationship with CONFORMIST reflects an implication of loss of our ownership. I hope my participants are provoked to critical reflection -- to change our behaviors, becoming more active and healthier.

How would we experience an interactive design object in a way that would provoke critical reflection of a speculative scenario in 2 points?
  • We have an immobile and lethargic dependence on easy, comfortable and smart personal digital technology.
  • Shifting ownership to our lives being regulated, controlled and governed by technology.

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