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Guardian Direct Pet Insurance

Guardian Direct was a Direct-to-Consumer Insurtech, startup incubation arm of Guardian Life. Individuals could purchase insurance and manage policies directly online.

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Design Lead
Design roadmap, research, strategy, user personas, workshop facilitation, UX/UI design, usability testing

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Guardian Direct introduced a new product, pet insurance. We created the entire shopping experience from awareness, acquisition to retention.

We began by defining personas. We created two personas:
  • Young Millennials were the most likely to own our Guaridan Direct products.
  • Gen-Z was a fast-growing prospective segment for future opportunities.

We focused on understanding how pet owners’ behaviors influence their decisions regarding pet insurance.

We facilitated workshops with cross-functional teams aimed at empathizing with the personas on what motivates them to purchase pet insurance. 

While price is a key for the decision making, we’ve also learned purchasing insurance is an emotionally driven decision, because customers are looking to prepare, plan and protect their lives, family, health, or finances. It is important for users to feel that they are being well-served during the purchasing decision process. They often seek advice, guidance, and reassurance.

When it comes to pet insurance, people tend to be more optimistic when seeking coverage, as it offers the assurance of care for their pets and enhances their quality of life. Despite common anxiety, fears, and mistrust associated with insurance companies, pet insurance gives pet owners a sense of comfort and security.

How might we create more human touch to the online pet insurance shopping experience?

To meet the three-month timeframe, I created a high-level user journey and information architecture, breaking it down into small tasks for each sprint.

Given that 75% of users engage with the ‘Get-a-Quote’ survey, it suggested that a higher quote rate correlates with increased enrollments, which suggest setting the priority of the project.

User journey & information architecture

Ideations for user testing

Design approach
Through rapid testing and iterative design, we found participants favored:
  • A simple, easy, and straightforward experience
  • An efficient, quick, and responsive interface
  • A fun gamification approach
  • Transparency in all provided information for decision-making

I created Visual design: look & feel & color scheme, representing happiness, friendliness, playfulness, care, freshness, and urban appeals. It was crucial for users to feel confident, ensuring the utmost care for their pets and enhancing their quality of life.

Final design

 A Dog/Cat “agent” guides users through getting a perfect quote process, fostering emotional connections, instilling confidence, and emphasizing our commitment to both people and animals.



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