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JPMorgna Chase Consumer Banking: Spending budget and autosave goals tools for mobile apps (iOS, Android) and (RWD)

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Senior User Experience Designer
Design strategy, UX/UI design, design system, user testing, ADA & WCAG

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JPMorgan Chase wanted new features, spending budget and saving goal tools to empower customers, providing them with enhanced clarity and confidence to make informed financial decisions. We aimed to grant them control over their money and foster their savings accounts.

User needs
Our target customers were low and moderate income individuals who rely on their continued income to spend and maintain their lifestyle.

We reseached and discovered that they preferred essential information, streamlined details, limited to topline information, minimized ambiguity, and a concentrated emphasis on “what matters” when it comes to financial management.

We heard from existing Chase customers during iterviews:

I want an easier way to see exactly what I need to do in order for me to get and stay on track.
I want automaticity and guardrails that make things easy, but don’t let me mess up.

They also expressed a strong need for a tool that not only displayed their remaining spendable funds but also facilitated swift decision-making and encouraged behavior changes conductive to saving money.

Customer needs a tool that shows how much money is left-to-spend and helps customers to make quick decisions & behavior changes to save money.

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Daily pacing
We developed a daily pacing feature. This feature showed how much they can spend each day to stay within their budget – the daily expenditure limit required to adhere to heir budgetary allocations.

“You can stay on pace with your budget if you spend about $57 per day.”

The creation of a real-time visualization was challenges, as banking isn’t just numbers for them. It’s about the emotional relationship between them and their money.

Our design key experience indicators aimed to:
  • Inspire user confidence in their spending habits.
  • Ensure ‘overspent’ doesn’t evoke feelings of shame or punishment.
  • Emphasize ‘Spending less’ feels like ‘saving money’.
  • Show an easy way to get back on track.
  • Offer motivation for future spending and saving.

We ensure that the tool aligns with the Chase Design System, ADA & WCAQ guidelines, as well as Chase tech constraints.

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