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User Experience Designer
Research, information architecture, user flows, wireframes, UI design, design system, user testing

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Toys"R"Us has introduced single sign-on (SSO) to address the issue of multiple accounts with distinct login credentials. SSO allows having the power of bringing all user data into one unified profile, including addresses, payments, purchase history, and preferences – All is in one place.
My Account
We redesigned ‘My Account’, customer profile account managment section with objectives:
  • Enhance the display of all customer data in My Accout.
  • Streamline checkout process for easier and faster to navigate through My Account touchpoint. 
  • Attract users signup and retain them to login by displaying relevant data.
  • Establish a loyalty as a key customer touchpoint.

How might we streamline displaying all customer data in one place, My Account?

How might we redesign the account management section to efficiently display all of customer data?

We began identifying user pain points through qualitative and quantitative data gatherings. This involved auditing the existing account pages, conducting usability tests, and analyzing feedback from OpinionLab. We also gathered behavioral metrics from Brooks Bell, informing our information architecture and taxonomy based on user engagement metrics such as click-through rates, page durations, visits, and navigation paths. The analysis revealed frustrations concerning order tracking, payments, and overall technical and behavioral user experiences.

We used the Design Thinking process

Visualized problems on OpinionLab & prioritized on Trello

We conducted competitor analysis and observed that the competitive players adopted similar category labels (Profile, Orders, Address, Payment Methods, Reward, My List) on their navigation menus. Notably, they featured ‘Order Status‘ and ‘History Information’ prominently on their My Account landing page.

Competitor taxonomy analysis spreadsheet

Top findings were:
  • Over 35% of click metrics were attributed to ‘Order History’.
  • More than 32% of users sign-in primarily for tracking orders.
  • Minimal engagement (less than 0.9%) with certain links and categories.
  • Cluttered and overwhelming My Account landing page.
  • Frustration with the complicated payment process.

To address these issues, we formulated the following hypotheses:
  • Refine taxonomy for clearer categorizations, labelings and hierarchy.
  • Implement slide panel overlay patterns within the Design System to reduce conginitive overload.
  • Display concise and relevant information while eliminating irrelevant data.
  • Introduce a new Wallet section integrating payment options, centralizing all payment options, addresses, and order history in one place.

We began by creating a hierarchy of categorization for navigation, delivering information architecture and flows to encompass all use cases, including any edge case.

Moving to high-fidelity phase, we collaborated closely with engineers to align with agile development timelines. UI Developers and I sat together daily after standup to design in the browser and implement a fully responsive Web Design.

Final design

My Orders
Given than over 32% of users sign in to track orders, we prioritized active order information by highlighting order status, order number, order date, order items, and total price. We also introduced a filtered-by-year functionality to alleviate cognitive overload.

SSO allows having the power of bringing all data of each user. We introduced a Wallet feature, displaying all payment options: credit/debit cards, gift cards, coupons, loyalty points, shipping, and billing addresses in one place. This wallet becomes a touchpont to make the checkout experience easier and faster.

Slide panel overlay
Slide-panel overlay patterns were added to avoid information overwhelming issues, allowing for easy filtering orders, managing form fields, canceling orders, and accessing static help information.



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