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JPMorgan Chase APIs Open Banking

A platform where internal/external clients integrate, publish, and share APIs (application programming interface) in a single, unified experience for open banking.

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JPMorgan Chase aimed to enhance the support section to reduce the number of support tickets for operations admins.

A simple self-service support solution
We began the project by understanding the users’ pain points through interviews with developers, and identified their needs. We learned developers prefer to find answers themselves quickly and diagnose issues themselves. They prefer self-solving and direct dialogue with knowledgeable experts. They expect self-service support options such as Community blog and a simple ‘Contact Us’ feature.

Given the early stage of the developer API platform, we built an initiative support section. We prioritized the scope of MVP works considering timeline constraints. Creating quick sketches, aligning the concept with stakeholders, and creating agnostic templates were key, considering that content would be inserted later.

Final design

We built a streamlined, easy and simple support, resulting 17% reduction in support tickets and an 18 hours decrease in the time to close a ticket.


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