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Product & UX Design
Design Research, UX, UI, Visual Design, User Testing
(Sketch, InVision, Axure,, Google Analytics)


General Manager, Content Manager, Data Scientists, Product Manager, Project Manager, UX Designers, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, QAs 


50%+ of 24MM+ monthly UVs of are millennials, who are going through key milestones such as starting a family, buying a home, or getting a job. They find some engaging content on thebalance page when they come from search engines like Google to gather information on specific topics. However, users don’t stay on thebalance page to utilize further content, but they leave. We want users to engage content more, spend more time, and do more things to increase page views.


How can we package relevant content to attract users to navigate to new place quickly?


We learned users’ painpoints by user interviews, surveys, and usability test. We also analyzed competitors focus on the article pages and UX flows. We audited and created Design inventory for content model, sitemap, wireframes, and UI/Visual Design to have a better understanding of structure and components.  
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We found two major potential areas for improvement. First, we need clear taxonomy and new navigation to support ever growing content. Second, we need to solve how to populate ever growing and evolving relevant content in linear/nonlinear ways.

How to populate ever growing and evolving relevant content in linear/nonlinear ways


We had a handful of whiteboarding sessions with stakeholders, Designers, and Developers. We settled on a couple of ideations: 1) Curated articles experience 2) 'Up Next' feature in recirculation area. 
We designed mobile-first for clear thinking, content priority, and a linear progression. Since the article pages and design syetem are already existing, we went straight to high-fidelity comps.

Here are a few examples of Axure prototypes I worked on:
Ideation #1: Curated articles - infinite scrolling experience
Mobile prototype,   Desktop prototype

Ideation #2: 'Up Next' feature in recirculation area
Mobile prototype,  Desktop prototype

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I spent some time to review competitor websites and gathered Visual/UI Design elements.  ︎  View PDF document    Within Design System, I explored iconography and Visual/UI Design for top five sections.


As a result, increased to +271%, 24MM monthly unique visitors since 2017 launch.



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